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This DIY Kit is easy and fun to assemble. Beautiful Succulent DIY kit in personalized 4" cube box. Send directly to your friends and family members.SIZE: 290*180*100mmUsage Scenarios:For parties, to make as homemade gifts, for holiday gifts or even centerpieces and wedding favors KitTips:Planting instructions and optional custom note is included.Includes:
  1. Ebony Elegance (90 Cups of Ebony Succulent)
  2. Stainless Steel Sanctuary (Stainless Steel Flowerpot)
  3. Succulent Serenity (Succulent Form Aroma Wax)
  4. Aroma Diffuser Stone (Harmony in Every Breath)
  5. Match for the Soul (Striking the Right Note)
  6. Planting Tool Set (Nurturing Nature's Masterpiece)
  7. Personalized Plant Poem Card (Express Your Botanical Sentiments)
About ShippingAll plants are shipped bare root. Orders are shipped Monday-Friday each week. Please wait 1-3 business days for your order to be processed.Plant Requirements:✦Porous soil with adequate drainage.✦Filtered to bright light with ample airflow.✦Water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch.✦Protect from frost.


A.90 cups of special varieties of succulents*2 B.Stainless steel flower pot *2 c.Small jar of aroma wax *1 D.Fragrance Diffuser Stone*1 E.Match *1 F.Planting tool set *1 G.Card *1

Desert Bento Cacti Collection

Easy to care for, perfect for stunning photography, a must-have for those seeking low-maintenance greenery. Experience nine unique beauties in a single glance.

Ethereal Essence Haworthia Kaleidoscope

Growing a collection of twelve succulents is a delightful and fascinating endeavor. These charming plants thrive without the need for direct sunlight, flourishing under pure diffused light conditions, with an even higher chance of producing vibrant blooms. Meticulously curated, our collection features nine adorable succulents of various captivating shapes. We invite you to bring these enchanting companions home and watch them flourish in your care.


A.90 cups of succulent 5pcs B.Stainless steel flower pot (82*100mm) 5pcs C.Stickers 5pcs


A.180mm above Medusa Air Bromeliad*1 B.70*115mm stone flowerpot*1 c.Small jar of aroma wax *1 D.10ml essential oil *1 E.Aroma diffuser crystals *1package F.Dried Spice Plant Accessories*1pc G.Card *1


A.19pcs of succulents of different sizes (send 2pcs for loss) 21pcs in total will be sent. B. Floral wire C. Floral tape D.19 connecting rods E. A piece of ribbon F. glue stick two G.DIY teaching video

My Special

Purchase both sets AB and receive two additional items for free. Buy ten and get two extra items as a special offer, totaling twelve items in your order. (The free items will be chosen randomly.)Passionate succulent enthusiasts will find high-end gems highly recommended by seasoned collectors. Explore an extensive array of unique species, meticulously curated and thoughtfully blended for exceptional value.

Petite Aeonium Seasons Story

Have you not embraced the enchantment of our little Aeonium yet? Elevate your succulent life instantly with these stunning plants that boast high aesthetic appeal. What are you waiting for? Seize the opportunity to enhance your succulent collection and have them delivered to your doorstep at an unbeatable, pocket-friendly price.

Serenity Blooms Echeveria Oasis 1

Plump and vibrant, each succulent boasts a robust vitality. With both sets containing 12 meticulously curated specimens, we've carefully arranged them based on color and form to fulfill your desire for a delightful introduction to succulent cultivation.

Serenity Blooms Echeveria Oasis 2

✿Perfect plant gift for any occasions. Succulents are easy care and can go for weeks without water and last for years.Full of flesh and life, both options come in sets of 12, which we have carefully matched to the colour form to satisfy your beginner's attempts at succulent growing.NOTICE:SIZE: 55mm* 12 Varieties Succulents.1.Live rooted succulent2.Planting instructions and optional custom note is included.Plant Requirements:Porous soil with adequate drainage. Filtered to bright light with ample airflow. Water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch. Protect from frost. 

Serenity Blooms Echeveria Oasis 3

They are full of flesh and life, there are 24 of them in total, and the varieties are carefully colour-coordinated to satisfy your beginner's attempts at succulent gardening, whether grown individually or grouped together.